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Not long ago, I wrote of discovering Stravinsky's mime to Debussy's symphonie fantastique. I must confess I was disappointed with the final movement, yet I was glad that I did not know what to expect. What I discovered is that the real meaning of this symphony is this: At the end, the music simply comes to an end.

I wrote that a dance version would be even more beautiful, and would do far more justice to the expressive and delicate power of Stravinsky's music. In a way, that's how most of my pieces begin. I don't sit down and say, "Let's do a ballet". As a classical dancer, I know how to construct a big ballet with lots of people in tutus. But I rarely get past that stage. As much as I'm grateful for having the opportunity to create new work, I still don't know that I really want to be the one who choreographs the ballet. When I'm working on a new piece of music - whether I'm writing it, or playing it, or singing it - it's so invigorating, that

I envisioned an interactive piece that would allow audience members to contribute their movements to the score, bringing life to the poetry of the music. I was convinced the movement style would appeal to audience members young and old, new and seasoned theatre goers," he says. He plans to work closely with dancers to create original movements that are inspired by the music and poetry, which he then translates into movement to create his work. "The adaptation will allow the audience to become an active participant in the creation of this piece," he says. He describes it as being a work that will touch people the way Unas touch the unseen.

I would call it The Gaze. The biggest problem is that no one I know has a life like that. There are no VIP rooms in our lives. You can't look at someone and sense a great intimate familiarity. The best thing that I could imagine for a romance is to be able to share a meal, but even then it has to be a casual meal in the same house. Nobody likes going into someone's home and being the center of attention. And, let's face it, in an age of cell phones and Internet, this is rare. So, my solution is a Hollywood -

We began dancing around the stage last fall in a production at a downtown theatre, and we were encouraged by our director to keep developing our craft. So one day while we were shooting the breeze, I told him about our little strip joint, The Private Caller, and about our YouTube videos. After I showed him some of my favorites, he suggested we get together and try to produce a few more videos. We had a blast, and this week, we shot two new videos. When we met back up after the shoot, I was pretty stoked to show him the new videos and to see what he thought. I'm